Our Properties


In July 2004, Citation purchased properties located in southeastern Colorado from Anadarko Petroleum Corp. In connection with this acquisition, Citation formed its Central Region to allow key operating personnel the ability to focus on these new assets. The majority of production from its SE Colorado properties is from Morrow-aged sands along the Las Animas Arch located near the town of Cheyenne Wells, Colorado. The Central Region was expanded in 2006 to include Citation’s properties located in Illinois, Kansas and Utah. These properties include mature waterfloods as well as primary production.

Central Map

Citation entered the Illinois Basin in 1998 with its acquisition from Texaco of the Salem Unit, located in Marion County, Illinois. From 2005-07, Citation constructed a gas plant at the Salem Unit that now processes natural gas and NGL’s that had been flared at the wellhead for decades. In August 2010, Citation acquired over 150 additional leases and units in 13 fields located in southeastern Illinois and Indiana from Noble Energy that complemented its existing Salem Unit operations in Illinois through the addition of shallow, long-life producing oil properties with operational enhancement and exploitation potential. As a result of this acquisition, Citation became the second largest operator in the Illinois Basin.

In September 2012, Citation acquired 100 additional leases and units in Kansas from Noble Energy near Citation’s existing Fairport and Bemis-Schutts fields. This 2012 producing property acquisition significantly expanded Citation’s operations in Kansas with a nearly three-fold increase in production in the state.

Citation’s recent activity in its Central Region has focused on developing its assets in the Illinois Basin, specifically the properties it acquired in the Noble acquisition along with continuing exploitation of its legacy Salem Unit. Almost 100 infill 20-acre and 10-acre development wells were drilled in Indiana’s Griffin field from 2011 – 2021 targeting the Salem, St. Louis and Warsaw formations. As a result of these learnings, Citation has begun exploitation of these same reservoirs in the New Harmony area of Illinois via recompletions and wellbore deepenings. To date, over 118 wells have been completed at New Harmony with ever increasing fracture stimulation volumes recovering incrementally higher reserves and resulting in nearly 1000 BOPD of current production volume additions. In the Salem Unit, current development efforts are focused on maximizing recovery from Devonian producers and injectors, and reactivating or stimulating Aux Vases and McClosky producers. In the acquired Kansas assets from Noble, Citation’s development activity has consisted of 10-acre infill Arbuckle wells, adding additional pay in the Toronto, Topeka and Lansing-Kansas City intervals, and performing polymer treatments on producing wells to improve water injection efficiency and production rates.

Citation’s Central Region office is located in Houston, Texas.